Dental Technology

Advanced technology is responsible for great advances in modern life, and dentistry is no exception! Technological leaps in both design and function have changed our instruments, tools, and machines, and best of all, the way we do things. Our modern dental office makes use of several high-tech items, all of which are designed to help you spend less time in our office and more time enjoying your life (and your beautiful, healthy smile!).

Think of your dental care as an equation. Compassionate service, skills and expertise, and efficient, fast technology are all parts of that equation, and when you put all three parts together, you come up with one perfect answer: Williamsburg Smiles!

Learn more about our advanced technology:

CAD/CAM Same Day Dentistry

You heard that right - same day dentistry! Dental appliances that used to require molds and manufacturing time can now be made same day by our Planmeca E4D CAD/CAM technology! That means no more gooey, icky impressions and no more waiting. The CAD/CAM machine can manufacture crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays in just one appointment! Best of all, they’re top-quality and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and we offer a complimentary consultation so you can find out if this type of restoration is right for you.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras, no bigger than a pen, are a fantastic diagnostic tool, able to take pictures of your teeth and gums in better detail than ever. The images are transmitted to a chairside monitor where both you and Dr. Contract can see the clear and detailed pictures, giving you an important advantage in treatment and diagnosis.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays use 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, and the results are available immediately on the chairside monitor. Safe, efficient, and fast, the x-rays are more comfortable and convenient for you, and more detailed for us!

DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection

This amazing little tool is capable of detecting cavities and other oral health issues at their earliest stages. Non-invasive, fast, and incredibly accurate, it allows us to detect small issues way before they cause big damage, allowing us to give you the most conservative treatment now instead of major work down the road.

Planmeca ProMax 3D CBCT

This unique imaging technology create a virtual 3D model of your skull, including your teeth and jawbones. We use the images and data in these models to aid in diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as TMJ or misaligned teeth.

Multimedia Operatories

Each treatment room, or operatory, at Williamsburg Smiles has its own share of modern technology. Complete with chairside monitors to view the x-rays and intra-oral camera results, we also offer iPods with headphones for listening to music, and a variety of cable TV stations through the monitors. You’ve never had a dental appointment so comfortable!

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Same Visit Crowns

No more waiting! Receive same-day service with the Planmeca E4D.