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At Williamsburg Smiles, we put the “family” into the term “family dentistry”. How do we do that? By making your family’s dental needs our top priority, and by treating every member of your family like our own. It’s our privilege and pride to get to know our patients and understand their unique concerns and dental needs, so that we are always providing the best diagnosis and treatment options for them. We place great importance on prevention, so we can avoid problems before they start and head off issues that can impact your smile’s appearance and function.

We treat your whole family at Williamsburg Smiles, and love to get to know our patients and their loved ones as we build professional relationships that will last a lifetime. Our priority is always to give you best possible dental care, with the compassion and personalized knowledge every member of your family deserves - from the most basic of procedures to the most extensive.

Our favorite patients are the little ones! Our dental team loves kids, and we consider helping children achieve happy, healthy smiles the greatest service there is. We do our best to make dental care fun and engaging so your kids will learn the value of caring for their teeth and the best ways to do it. We recommend children have a check-up before age three, and our fun, informative, stress-free visits will make every appointment a treat!

At every children’s appointment, we’ll check for proper oral development as well as cavities and other issues. Sealants, thin plastic coatings that smooth out a tooth’s surface, can be used to assist in dental care and prevent cavities, while fluoride treatments strengthens the tooth structure and eliminates bacteria.

Dentistry is more than our profession here at Williamsburg Smiles - it’s our calling! We’ll give your family compassionate and top-quality care, and prepare your children for a lifetime of great oral health!

If you need more information about a Family Dentistry in Williamsburg, contact us today.

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