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Even though maintaining your oral health is important, many people fear the dentist enough to avoid seeking dental care, and this can have serious consequences, not just for their smiles but for their overall health and well-being. It’s never a good idea to ignore dental issues, and the best way to maintain oral health is by keeping up with oral hygiene and the routine care you receive at the dentist.

Other people may not be able to sit through lengthy dental procedures, or need a deeper level of pain relief. Children, seniors, and the medically compromised are among those who can benefit from alternatives to traditional dental pain relief or the ordeal of an intense procedure. At Williamsburg Smiles, Dr. Contract is especially aware of these issues, and has the specialized knowledge and training to offer the latest in dental comfort.

Nitrous Oxide

Sometimes called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is delivered via a mask through which the patient breathes in the odorless gas. This tried-and-true method has been in use for years as a low-level pain and anxiety relief, and works well in conjunction with normal anesthetic for localized pain relief.

Oral Sedation

The mildest form of sedation, oral sedation comes in the form of a prescribed tablet, taken shortly before your appointment. Often used with children, oral sedation induces relaxation and helps with fear and anxiety. Though it may cause mild drowsiness, this sedation does not cause the patient to lose consciousness.

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